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Board Members

Shawn M Wentz is the proud CO-Founder and Director of Warrior Saber; 501c3, National Public Charity. As an Exercise and Human Behavioral Scientist Wentz believes strongly in a few natural laws of human behavior. Wentz understands that a focus on “modeling” positive human behavior can be an answer to some of the current challenges that face our nation, our individual communities and each and every one of us.

When asked, Shawn Wentz, will do his best not to mention any of these challenges directly. He claims, “that is the point!”, and “we all know our undesirable human behavior challenges that face us”. Wentz would follow with “I would like to give us one more opportunity to focus on positive human behavior”. Wentz’s goal in developing Warrior Saber is to highlight the positive behaviors in a manner that will etch a canyon of “Can DO!” motivation into each person of witness, to the Warrior Saber Award of Merit ceremonies.

Shawn Wentz is a Veteran of 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Division. He is still “buthurt” about when Sargent Murray laughed at him and said “Recon?!, Hell DevilDog, your little stocky white ass is shorter than me, your a motorman.”....”What’s a Mortorman”, Wentz Replied…..Anyrate SM Wentz went on to become a “Marine with a degree ,as his Head Wrestling Coach at KSU referred to him, during his final years at Kent State University. Wentz didn’t stop there and continued his integration back to civy life by winning a Strength and Conditioning Coaching Internship, for the 2004 US Olympic team. Wentz stayed in Colorado and has chosen it as his home state. When not working as a Home builder or CrossFit gym owner Wentz has been a Colorado CHASSA Wrestling Coach since 2005, at 3 Colorado school districts.

Shawn Wentz will lead Warrior Saber to reach for the status of being one of Colorado’s finest Non-profits. Wentz is fully confident in his Board of directors and the team of volunteers whom will execute Warrior Sabers missions. Please check out some of our social media quick vids to get to know Wentz better ...Link. or contact him directly at [email protected] and 970-901-1821 on the phone. Shawn is always wanting to hear success stories about our Veterans, would love to discuss business partnering opportunities and is available for scheduling a Warrior Saber award ceremony at your business or group.