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Board Members

Ron Guy Jr was born and raised in North East Ohio. At the tender age of 21, he and his husky hopped into his jeep and headed west to find the purpose of life. He started his civilian service in 2009, deciding to be a wildland firefighter for the federal government. Almost a dozen years later, he is still fighting fire. He currently works as the Squad Boss for Devil’s Canyon Hand Crew, one of 8 Bureau of Land Management’s Veteran hand crews in the country. When he is not risking his life to protect mother nature, you can find him traveling around the globe, being a ski bum, and attempting to be a yogi at his cabin in the mountains.

Ron Guy Jr is stoked about this unknown path that he and his brother, Shawn Wentz, are taking together. “The unknown is daunting and yet it calls upon us. It is an honor that my brother, a marine vet, asked me to join the board of directors. I will do what needs to be done to let the world know what Warrior Saber is about.” Ron is dedicated to the cause and ready to start developing this great tribe. If you are ever out in the field getting some instruction, take a moment to breathe, and listen closely, you might hear Fire Jesus yelling in the distance, “Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast!”